Prepping for school..

Hello all,how are you today?
At least one afternoon a week you can find me at my laptop surrounded by school work.
I spend at least 2-3 hours a week prepping all the work for the following week.
Its not a chore at all..i quite enjoy it..researching what we are going to learn about and i have to be as prepared as i can to answer any questions on the subject.
The internet is the most amazing resource and i use it to my advantage.
All the books i have as well are used..i have books on lots of different subjects.
I specifically look for books like these when i go to the charity shops.
I have a big file that contains all the subjects i want us to cover..

The file is never ending..once we have done one subject i have at least 3 more waiting.
I use lots of brilliant websites.
TPT teachers pay teachers.
National Geographic
Infact just about any website i can find on the subject i am looking at.
The list is long and above are just a few.

It doesn't cost a fortune to print it all either..the paper is from Asda at £2.99 for 500 sheets and the ink for my printer was £10.99 for a box of 50 refill cartridges which i bought last year and i still have about half left.
Everything else we need i either charity shop it or Ebay..amazing what you can find.
Hope you are all ok?


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