Home made face and body scrub.

Hello all..how are you?
Recently i have been making my own face and body scrub.
Its amazingly easy and it works..my face and skin have never felt so soft.I never use soap as it makes my skin feel all dry.
I tried all sorts of other scrubs and was horrified to see it had those little micro beads in it..no way am i using that..i want to save the planet not pollute it just so i can have soft skin.
Anyway i have been looking for one that has nothing toxic or lots of those parabens and long long lists of chemicals that you cannot pronounce unless you have 2 tongues and can dislocate your jaw at will.
I was overjoyed to find this recipe on Pinterest.

1/3 cup of sugar..granulated works best.
2 tbsps of honey
1 tsp of lemon juice.
Just mix it all together in a bowl then pop in a jar and leave in the fridge until you want it.
I leave mine in the fridge for a few hours then its in the bathroom for all  to use.So far Fern,Iris and myself have used it.
Make sure you have damp skin before you rub it in..otherwise it gets seriously sticky.

Its cheap and it works and no nasties in it.


  1. This sounds lovely, I shall mix up some tomorrow. Thank you!


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