Ecoegg..bamboo toothbrushes and more.

Hello all how are you?
I have been using my Ecoegg since the January this year.
Its fantastic..yes the original outlay was £24.99 but i got 3 refills and also the black balls.
I have not used any refills yet..i will soon and that means it has lasted through 2-3 washes a day and removed stains.
My washing comes out lovely and clean..not overly fragranced either.It just smells clean nothing fancy.
I like it because it means i am not buying my washing products in big plastic containers that have to be recycled..which i highly doubt as that plastic in the ocean came from somewhere.
I have stopped using fabric conditioner altogether,Iris's ezcema was being irritated by it..since using the Ecoegg it has calmed down a lot.
The clothes are  not hard and crispy like you would think without conditioner..infact they are just as soft.
It means that when i open draws and wardrobes i am not overwhelmed with fake fragrances..just a hint of the lavender sachets that i place in them ,which is lovely and 100% real.The lavender is from our garden and the girls and i make fresh new ones every year.
I am not saying its for everyone and you have to do it..its personal choice.
But if you have a few minutes checkout the website.

Ditching the plastic is a hot topic right now..but what do you do with the plastics you have left.
Well i am going to use all our tubs and storage containers for as long as i can and then reuse in the greenhouses and make use of them until they are knackered.
Bottles will be used to make into plant holders and a home made pouffe.
Toothbrushes are being replaced with bamboo ones..the old ones are being used to clean around taps and grout and inside the washing machine drawer.
I am going to have a go at making my own beeswax covers and not buy clingfilm.
I already have a lot of brown paper bags which sandwiches will be wrapped in from now.
No plastic bags in our house..i have invested in canvas bags for shopping.
There are lots of little ways we can change to help save the planet.
What have you done to change how you use plastic?


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