Brining the sunshine inside

Hello all,how are you?
Its been a mixed bag week here weather wise.
I had to trim my little shrub as it was starting to grow across a path between the pond and patio bit..normally i would compost them but this time i popped them in a jar of water and brought them inside.

Its also been a busy week..Iris had to go and have her eyes tested..she needs a new prescription for her glasses bless her..her left eye is getting weaker.She was over the moon with the choices she could have and she gets a free pair of prescription sunglasses.We are off to collect them today.
After her test last week we took a little walk around town..we went to a new charity shop that has opened..i bought Fern a summer top for £2..a lovely red floaty one..Iris had a book.

We have been learning about Geography..the spheres of geography and what they all mean..fascinating.Also about different religions which are all basically the same if you read the commandments and the 5 pillars of faith and the torah even bhuddism is similar in its faith guidance.

We ate from the pantry and freezer last on went hungry and infact i almost fainted when 2 girls actually asked for Broccoli..yep thats right they asked for it..and guess what i didn't have any left..typical.I was daring yesterday at lunch time and popped some cauliflower on the plates inbetween broccoli and peas and covered in gravy..they ate it and liked it so thats another veg to cross off the list.
I have got most of the laundry dry outside last week only one day i couldn't so decided to wait to wash it.
We had to renew our House Insurance..that was a total laugh.The lady rang and spoke to my husband who is almost totally deaf in one ear..he thought she said paperwork..when in reality she said payment.He insisted she wanted the paperwork posted back..i thought it was strange but i didn't take the call so i couldn't argue.I did however get a reminder call..she explained that she was expecting the payment..i clicked then and apologized and when hubby got home i explained it to him and he rang them back and sorted it all out.I think he seriously needs to get his hearing sorted out .

We also spotted young Pigeon having a wander around the garden..for all the years i have lived here and all the pigeons we have around i have never seen a young one.

Doesn't he or she look cute.
As for the rooks nest..well i see mum and dad keep going up to it and a head popping out but no actual sign of them seems to be taking a long time for the chicks to show themselves.
So what have you been up to folks?


  1. The new charity shop sounds promising doesn't it? I hope you continue to find some goodies on your visits x


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