At least someone enjoyed the rain..

Hello all,how are you?
The weather is definitely not enjoyable for us at the moment..its cold,wet and windy.Thankfully Tuesday afternoon was lovely.We cleared out the second greenhouse and got some seedlings potted on..we are running out of room in the other greenhouse...its lovely to see it full of plants again rather than rubbish which had stored in there until we had time to sort it.We went through it and had huge piles of recycling and old carpets which will be going to the allotments.
We managed to get the grass cut and did some weeding..then down came the rain and it didn't stop until yesterday afternoon.
The bonus for us was watching this chap enjoy his digging.

A beautiful Song Thrush..he or she was hopping around the garden quite happily digging up worms for about 20 minutes. It was quite exciting to see this bird as they are getting rarer and rarer to see.
O the good news is that the little baby Blackbird is still alive..he and his dad have been in the garden..poor dad is so busy and the baby is so big now and like all children happily sits and watches his dad get food for him😉


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