Two day makeover..

Hello all, how are you?
I have wanted to redo my hallway for a little while. Make it look lighter and airier but not spend a fortune.
The big book case blocked a lot of the we took it apart and put the top half in the dining room and put it under the window and put my plants on it .
The stairs looked like this
The paper was starting to peel in places and the heels of our slippers kept catching the quotes and i had to keep sticking them down.
I have always wanted to have my stairs look like a book case..i bought the paper and my husband papered it for me after i had stripped them..harder than you think as your at a funny angle and my knees were creaking at one point.
How ever the stairs now look like this

A real bookcase going up the was flipping hard to do and it took my husband a long while to do it but it was worth it.
I had a big space to fill with the top of the bookcase i did this.

I rearranged all my husbands gardening books that were all over the place.

I also made over an old dvd tower..from dark brown MDF to a lovely white go above the coat pegs.
We put the wallpaper in the back of it..
then mounting it was the hardest part ..

Its not obtrusive and the whole area feels lighter and brighter..
So all it cost was £9.97 for the wallpaper and everything else we already had.
Not i have quite a bit of the wallpaper left over so you may see it pop up somewhere else in the house😉..


  1. Your hallway looks great, really light and bright. The stairs are awesome, it really looks like a bookcase 😁


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