Our Earth day..

Hello all,how are you?
Well yesterday was absolutely beautiful.I had all my laundry out on the line drying in the sun.
We all sat in the garden listening to the birds,watching the little bugs and bees being busy.
According to Alexa for Earth Day we should encourage wildlife into the garden with nesting sites,food and water.Well i am pretty sure we have all that covered.
A pair of Blackbirds were nesting in our Ivy hedge..we saw them both regularly swooping in and out with food..then the mum disappeared and dad was doing it on his own.The only baby to make it through this came out the nest far too early and as a result he encountered the dog..thankfully he fell on the otherside of the hedge and my husband rescued him from the dogs mouth..he was unharmed and ran off.
The baby managed to get up to the top of the hedge somehow and sat there chirping away..then there was a flurry and out he fell again..but he ran off down the garden..his dad was going bananas but eventually they settled down and i managed to get some pics..

The baby was enjoying his freedom and running around the garden all day..

I was surprised at the size of the baby's feet..you can tell he should still be in the nest..he is constantly calling for food and has no tail at all.
Poor thing has no concept of danger and was just sat chirping whilst a cat crept up on him..my girls never knew their mum could run so fast..i shooed it off and the baby went in to hiding in the corner.
I am hoping to see him today but he may not have survived the night.
So my earth day was baby sitting literally..


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