Little plants all growing nicely..

Hello all..
Well Spring is well and truly upom us now and the greenhouses are being used to the full advantage they give us.
Not only do we grow our own veg and fruits but also flowers.
 These are being hardened off outside before transferring to the allotments.
 We have pumpkins ,sweetcorn and flowers all growing .
 Not sure the Asters are doing well though..but there is time yet for more to come through.
We split the Comfrey earlier this now will fill the little border but cannot escape and grow all over..
 I have moved a Clematis..we had originally had it growing on the sunny side of the house for years but then the Grape went in and they got we dug up the Clematis..thought we had all of it but no..the litte guy popped up again this Spring and was reaching for the i figured he deserved a chance..i gently dug out the roots and plant and popped him in the trough.
 He seems to be doing well and has sprouted a few more leaves..i am hoping he will grow and take over the trellis so i can have beautiful flowers.
 My lovely husband bought me pots of Sweetpeas as well to put in..
It probably doesn't look much at the moment but give it a few months and i wil hopefully have trailing flowers all over.


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