Hello all..
I was asked by the inspector when he came to check my homeschooling was going ok if i gave them homework..he looked shocked when i said yes of course.
I explained that i would give them an assigment that they would have to research and give me an essay or written project on it..diagrams as well if needed.They have to do it on their own,research it explain it and then present it..not hard is it.I must be doing something correctly as when i say you have homework they actually love it..i have had some gorgeous presentations of their work and to hear them tell me about the subject as well is satisfying that they have done it well.
I am so pleased that what i teach and what they do for themselves doesn't go in one ear and out the other..i think because they do do it for themselves and have no one breathing down their necks for results,they enjoy it and take the time to do it .
This one  they had to research about Jean Henri Fabre..otherwise known as the Father of Entomology..amazing.


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