If it wasn't funny i would be furious..

Hello all, how are you today?
The joy of the internet is that you can find all those little things you need..something special or just something to finish off a room. You would think it would be easy to get what you want.
When we decorated Ferns room we bought her a new carpet and then had a new landing carpet that goes down the stairs..we had floorboards up to lay cables to our son's room for his internet gaming thingy..so our old landing one looked like it had been through the wringer.
We decided that to finish it all off to have new carpet joiners..nice gold ones.
I popped onto Wilkos and found some..7.5cm wide 96.5 long..perfect..nice chunky ones and they would match up with the downstairs ones.I had to order online as they were not available in the shop..i bought 2 new lampshades as well for the hall and landing.It took a week to arrive but i wasn't in a rush..the lampshades were perfect but the carpet joiners were the wrong ones.
This were it gets ridiculous..i rang and told them..no problem they said,we will send the correct ones out straight away..and told me to keep the wrong ones..fair enough.
The replacements arrived and still the wrong ones.totally wrong size 3cm by 90 cm..rang again and had profuse apologies from them and promised to get the correct ones..guess what..they arrived today and still the wrong size..it would be funny if it wasn't annoying.
I rang them and told them again and also that i have had enough..its obviously not meant to be.
I am sending them all back and want a refund..then i got an email asking for feedback on my purchase..😮.
Nevermind its not a major problem just funny in a way..


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