Have you changed..

Hello all..
I was sat reading in bed the other night and to be honest the book was a little slow going..i put it down and just sank into my pillows and started thinking about my life and just how much it has changed and i think i also have changed.
I hardly baked before..it was easier to buy it. Now i bake every weekend and i love doing it.
I make my own Jams and Pickles..something i would never ever have done before.
We grow all our veg..i was never interested before.
I love being in the garden,working,weeding ,planting flowers..same as the above..not bothered.
Washing would have been put in the tumble drier regardless of the weather..now i can't wait to get it on the line.
I would spend a fortune on food..not use it ,throw it and then go buy more..embarrassing to admit but i wasted a hell of a lot of food.Now i shop twice weekly at Lidl's and once every 3 months at Asda on a huge pantry shop.
It seems there are so many small changes that have happened and i never noticed.

I meal plan for a week and try to budget but to be honest my husband sorts the money and i like it that way..some women don't but i do.
It makes me wonder when i changed..it seems these things have crept into my life and are now permanent residents..and i like it.
Not just what i do has changed but also habits..
I try not to waste anything..if i can re-use it i will,recycle it if i have no use for it,pass it on to someone else.
Shopping is a major habit that has totally gone..i get no pleasure from going shop to shop anymore..its all junk mostly and i have worked hard to eliminate junk from my home.Trips to town for me are few and far between and then its a treat and i enjoy that.I would buy stuff on a whim and then have an overcrowded house that looked cluttered and messy..now its all only what i really like and need. I used to think more stuff equalled better house.
I like my lifestyle now, much much better than it was years ago..always worried about money and peoples opinions.
I think that we as a couple and family have changed for the better and i no longer want to keep up with neighbours..i do my own thing and live my life .
I have also changed in my opinions of people too..now i don't care if you worship the dust bunny in the corner as long as you are happy and do no harm to others.
Live and let live and i try not to judge people.
My goal every day is to make it a good one..if somethings bad happens then go with it and try to be positive.
I can honestly say that The Good Life on tv is an actual inspiration to me..sounds ridiculous but it struck a chord in me years ago when i first saw it and wanted that life of being self sufficient and answering to no one.Making,growing,living in harmony.
How about you ladies..have you gotten inspiration from The Good Life or anywhere else to change?
Do you think you have changed?


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