Greenhouse up and running..

Apparently its going to be milder this week with a few showers but sunny.I hope so.
We have got the greenhouse up and running..hubby sorted the soil warming cable and set it on a timer.
He has  planted some and these are already through
 Cabbage and sprouts
 Potatoes being chitted
It feels so good to go in the greenhouse and see all the tiny little seedlings growing away.
The plants in the garden are growing too..all looking forward to spring.
We have a big clean up on our hands..we have got a lot of branches all over the garden from our trees and the ivy that is falling off the wall.
The fences held up to the wind ..only two small panels have come undone but they are easily fixed.
I am so looking forward to getting outside and being in the garden.


  1. Hi there. I love following your blog and wondered if you would ever consider running a blogging course? Ive wanted to start one for ages but have no idea how and find the on line courses too difficult to follow. I'm sure other people would like that too - I could definitely think of friends who would like to do so. Alternatively do you know someone who does this? Many thanks Jacqui Brewster

    1. Hi Jackie..unfortunately i don't..i just go along and follow the instructions on blogger

  2. How nice to have a greenhouse to start your plants. Everything looks so healthy and happy. Good luck with the cleanup. I think we are all anxious for Spring. Have a happy day.

    1. Hi Martha Ellen..thank you..everything is growing nicely and i am very lucky to have a greenhouse plus a green fingered husband
      The clean up went well..and yes Spring is just around the corner.


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