Frogs..we love frogs

Hello all..
Yesterday was a gorgeous day and we spent it outside,cleaning up the deadfall and doing a little weeding.It was strange to be in the garden and not hear or see our chicken.
My husband cut the grass and i cleaned windows..the girls played football.
We could see the bottom of the pond clearly and all the little frogs,tadpoles,fish and baby fish..its almost entrancing..i could literally spend an hour just watching them.

Aren't they lovely..its so nice to see so many especially after we found about half a dozen last year all killed and eaten on the was awful.We think it was a cat doing it but not sure.
I couldn't get a picture of the baby fish..they had all gathered together and i counted at least 22..they shoot off as soon as a shadow goes over them.
Have a lovely day everyone.


  1. Nice to see your pond is full of life. I'm sure they are mesmerizing to view.

  2. Hi Martha so relaxing watching the pond and all the life in it..


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