Hello all,how are you?
Well its been totally frantic here..we have had to get our schoolwork done and finish topics for our Home Education Inspection..which i am pleased to say we got a glowing report thanks to all our hardwork and the fact that we enjoy it.
Next we have finished decorating..finally.

Our sons room all done..the red box is full of stuff from our room..we had to spread it out into other rooms so we could have a clear run at ours.
 Our room ..unfortunately it stayed like this for a husband had fallen off is bike and ripped muscles in his chest..very painful for him so i made him wait another week before making a proper start on it.

We still have a few bits to sort in our room but its done and feels so relaxing..its plain but simple.I absolutely love the lampshade..the wallpaper was a total nightmare to put up..the pattern match wasn't that bad but it was one of those papers that no matter how much paste you put on won't bloody stay up..we have been repasting bits that have come undone for days.I did buy some new storage boxes and we are waiting the arrival of underbed storage boxes,not just for us but the girls as well.

We have had 4 birthdays this month,our daughters,our sons,my parents and parents anniversary..all within 10 days.
I had a mega month on Ebay..infact 2 ladies bought between them all my that has all gone now..until the next wardrobe clearout.

We have been out in the garden having a tidy up..the weather has been gorgeous.
I have watched the almost daily battle between the Magpies and Crows..who is going to sit on the very top of the big conifer..the Magpies arrive and sit for a few minutes then get almost violently swooped on by the happens all day long.

Inbetween all the franticness we have managed to paint the inside of the doll house.

So now we can start looking for our furniture and bits and bobs to furnish it.
We both feel a bit frazzled at the moment..we have been doing normal jobs inbetween everything else..we need a mellowed out March.
Take care all


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