Doll house update

Hello all, how are you?
Its cold and frosty here but no snow..a few flakes but thats it.
I do have some nice indoor colour at the Christmas Cactus are flowering.

They look so beautiful..they both must like it where they are so i will leave them there.
The girls and i spent an afternoon painting little bits for our doll house.
Once dry we glued them on.

Its starting to take shape more now and with the outside done we can decide what to do with the inside.A shop for definite on the ground floor but we cannot decide wether to go modern or old fashioned inside..the choice is hard as there is so much to choose from furniture wise.
We will make our minds up next week..i am just going to paint the inside white and do it room by room.
p.s..can you spot Iris photo bombing my cactus pictures.


  1. LOL, Iris did a great job of photo bombing.

    Your doll house is coming right along.

    God bless.


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