One down and three to go..

Hello all,how are you?
Its been a busy time here and also a huge purge of useless stuff,broken toys,toys that have never been played with and stuff that we have kept and we seriously can't remember why we did.Our recycling pile was massive and thankfully the bin men took it.

As you know we are totally having an upstairs move around and all the bedrooms need redecorating.
We have started with the small room which was the spare room /toy room/sewing room.
 This is what is looked like last week.
 Stuff just dumped and stacked up
 The paint was on clearance sale for £6 so that saved us some money.
 The wallpaper is one Iris chose was expensive but we only needed 2 rolls of it.

 The curtains i bought off Ebay for £7.99 plus p&p..they are lined as well and are just gorgeous.

So tomorrow is moving day for the rooms..Iris is super excited for her new room..not sure if she will be able to sleep properly..she has always shared a room with her sister so it might be a bit quiet.Fern has to bunk in with her for a few nights,so her new room is empty and we have a clear run at it..its so hard to decorate with furniture in the room..we move it all out.
Wish us luck..5 wardrobes,4 sets of drawers,3 single beds and double plus all the paraphenalia that goes with it.


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