Hello all,how are you today?
Did you all have a lovely night,plenty of drinks,warm wishes and fireworks?
We went to bed and read for a while then as we were dropping off the fireworks went off..Happy New Year all.Boring maybe but its what we do..not into drinking and getting drunk and to be honest as we are up early every day it is a real struggle to stay up past 9.
So here is January..the weather is going to change..chilly from what i have heard and i hope it is too..i love frosty mornings and cold days..going out in it and breathing in the cold frosty air..clears you out and then home for something warm and filling.
I found this book last year in a charity shop for 20p.
So at the start of every month i will pop up the poem.

It has just a quick little poem then some gorgeous illustrations on the opposite page.
Simple yet lovely.


  1. What lovely illustrations! Best wishes for 2019.

  2. What a gorgeous book! Happy new year to you, I only just found your blog and I am reading through back posts.


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