Its Monday..

Hello all,how are you?
All i can say is Thank God its Monday..last week just seemed to drift by..i had to check my calendar a few times to get the day and date right.The week after New Year and having no school and no routine messes me about..this month is a long one.
I have been quietly catching up with little jobs that needed doing.
I repaired a pair of pyjama bottoms that had ripped.
I also replaced all the buttons om my big winter coat,i lost one ages ago and couldn't find a replacement.In the end i bought 10 plain black buttons for £1.30 and voila i have an almost new look coat.

We always seem to snap a shoe or boot lace and never have any spares around ,so this year i am determined not to have that happen again..hubby went shopping on Saturday and called into one of those bargain shops that is family run..lovely place and people..they have some surprising things in there that are so cheap..we always pop in just for a look now and husband buys the fish food from there as its good stuff and much cheaper than anywhere else..well he spotted these
 12 pairs of laces for 89p..too good a bargain to pass up..
 They are on the shelf with my jar of elastic bands..

For Christmas i recieved a beautiful doll's house with a shop on the ground floor.I have always,always wanted one..apparently i had one when i was very little but never played with it..i will be honest i can't remember it at all.
Its going to be an ongoing hobby for myself and the girls..i treated myself to the new edition of the Hobbies magazine ,i felt like an over excited kid looking through it,only now i have money to buy the stuff.However i will restrain myself to what we need to get started.
 I have painted the edges of the roof
 I also got started on the door and windows..
Its going to take a while but that is the great thing..i can watch it grow and take my time ..the girls already have seen some nice little bits for when we do the shop and also the upstairs.

But for now its back to school and the girls are excited to start new topics and also do their own research this time around. I will leave them to it and help if they need it but i am hoping it will give them a lesson of doing  it all by themselves,reading online and also going to the library and ordering the books they want.We have our own resources and also laptops for them to use,plus a printer for charts and pictures.I will be watching and offering constructive advice but not doing it..i want them to then present it well and also be able to answer questions i have about whatever they have done.

We have quite alot of Christmas food left over in the freezer and also some cheeses and ham..they will all be incorporated into the meal plan for the next few weeks..this will save us some money on the food budget..plenty of bacon ,eggs and sausages as well so breakfasts will be either a small fry up or scrambled eggs,boiled eggs with soldiers.
Whatever your doing have a great day.


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