Fern's room all done..

Hello all,how are you?
The decorating is gathering pace here..3 rooms done and just ours to go.
From this

to this

Fern chose her wallpaper

Her very own little sanctuary
My husband and son have also decorated his room..i will pop up  a pic later..so now we have the hard choice of wall paper for our room. I want it to be a light and relaxing room but not too girly.
We haven't spent a lot of money..the paint we had already and the wallpapers were £9.99 a roll..the only expensive item was  a new carpet for Ferns room.The girls are happy to have their own spaces and actually miss each other at night but the walkie talkies have been going so they talk to each other.
I spent an entire afternoon sorting wardrobes with them and have 2 huge bags of clothes that don't fit either of them..i will give them a quick refresh wash and sell them.
We still have some shelves to put up in Iris's room for her dollhouse to go on and give her more floor space.
We are going to have a relaxing weekend..our first since Christmas..and to be honest hubby needs it..he fell off his bike yesterday and hurt his chest and thigh..so he is not going to do anything but take it easy..he has had orders from me to do so.Poor fella..at the end of the road..we had pure black ice yesterday and the paths and roads were so slippery.But he got up and went to work..finished that and then came home.He showed me his injuries..cut legs and a swollen lump on his chest..we are waiting for the bruises to come out.
Hope you all have a lovely day


  1. What a lovely room. Enjoy your restful weekend.

  2. Fern's room is lovely!! Hope your Hubby heals quickly.

    God bless.


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