Doll house update.

Hello all.
Not only have we been decorating upstairs but i have been doing my little dolls house.
 I painted the outside and put the roof on..
 Papering chimneys is awkward but i did it
The back also got papered..i didn't like the look of just it just being plain at the back.
I will update as i go along.


  1. It's lovely.

    I have a strange urge to buy myself a dollhouse. I used to have one when I was small but my parents had to sell it when they were a bit strapped for cash. I never minded at the time as I had played with it lots and was moving into my tomboyish phase. But years later I regretted it massively as my Dad had made it for me :-)

    I bet you'll have lots of fun with this one.

    1. Hi are so lovely..a lot of children would have been annoyed about that..i am going to seriously love doing this little many little bits and bobs for it..maybe you should get one and enjoy it all over again..not the same as the one your dad made..i bet it was gorgeous .


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