2 tins of paint going spare..

Hello all,how are you today?
Did anyone see the Wolf Blood Super Moon..i tried to but a  huge cloud got in my way..shivering my bum off in the garden waiting for it and nope not this time.
We are on bedroom number 2 this week,Ferns new room.We really thought we had a bargain with the paint again..on clearance at Wickes for £6 a tin..a lovely looking Cardamon..it looks on the tin like a cream with a tiny hint of green..brilliant we thought..Fern liked it so off we went painting..and wow looks can be decieving . Its actually light green,peppermint green infact and looks awful..no one liked it and we didn't want to paint the entire room and then expect Fern to sleep in it with a colour she doesn't like. So we ended up redoing the bits we had done in Almond Crush..this paint goes with just about everything..its not too dark or light and looks clean and fresh.
So we now have 2 tins of paint going spare..i think it will come in handy for the inside of the she shed..but then it is a colour that you either like or not...and i am not keen.
 The blue wall will be papered today..
 All the stuff you need when decorating..we tried to keep it to the minimum but ended up running up and down stairs to the shed to keep fetching things back..so now it stays until we are all done.

 Fern has the best view of the garden from this room..no wonder she wanted it..
Hello and welcome to my new followers..Maggi and Janice..
have a lovely day everyone.


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