Winter warmer..

 Hello all ,how are you? How is your christmas prep coming along.
We have been busy..bottling wine and making jams.We printed our own labels..i am aware that Pharmacie means Chemist but we liked the look of them.
 The wine is what i call a winter warmer..meaning it burns all the way down but after a few sips you can't feel anything and definitely can't taste it..its going to be watered down quite a lot for us to drink..we don't drink and i think i would be totally gone after just 1 glass.
I have been baking and intend to do more to freeze for the upcoming events. Its our turn to host Boxing day this that is 7 grandchildren,3 daughters and husbands plus us 5=18 people.
Its a lot of people to feed but i will be making a lot of its time to get my sleeves rolled up and apron on and get in the kitchen.


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