Its Boxing Day folks..

Hello all,how are you today?
After all the excitement and ripping off paper and totally stuffing ourselves all day..much to my discomfort,i lay on the sofa last night with horrendous stomach ache and feel a bit queasy this morning.Everyone else is ok ..its my own fault..i had 2 portions of pudding and it tipped me over the edge..never again.
Apart from that we had a wonderful day with the girls and dude all being extremely happy with their win all round.
Today is Boxing day..for our house this means a huge tidy up and then having all the family round for a buffet tea..its a relaxing day we read books we have received,play with the toys and film later on.
Judging by our fridge and freezer we won't go shopping for a while.we didn't do a big shop this year just a few bits everytime we went shopping..those small bits have added up..and it didn't break the bank.

I am not going shopping as some have early today and we dont need anything,so i will keep my money exactly where it is all tucked up in the bank.

I am not even going to have a look online..i think you can get caught up in the sales fever and get carried away without realizing how much you have spent and we all know January is a long month until payday.
So where ever you are what ever your doing..enjoy your day.


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