In between..

Hello all,how are you today?
Its been a funny week ..all the excitement of Christmas is over and now we are in a limbo week.
We have been just drifting along,relaxing and enjoying ourselves.Watching films and eating all the food..its nearly all gone just a few bits left which we will have today.
I have a turkey to roast today for tomorrow and i am making a trifle..i personally don't like trifle but everyone else does.
Boxing day tea was a total success..everyone was stuffed or tipsy when they left..think i was a little as well..hubby's homemade wine is to blame for was lovely and i could certainly feel the effects of it.
I took the opportunity to take a family pic of my children..

then my grandchildren..the twins and their dad couldn't make it as they were poorly.
Not sure how fern and iris ended up on it
We had a great time and actually got all cleaned up and sat down for a much needed cuppa at about half 8..slept really well that night.
Over the weekend we have taken our tree's down and decorations..had a huge house clean from top to bottom..housework gets left over the festive period.

I have kept the cards and we will make all of our own gift tags from year i am not buying wrapping paper as its not recyclable..which i did not know..especially if its shiny or has glitter on it.Next years gifts will be wrapped in brown paper with fancy string and a tag.

I am not going to do year in review post..we have done so much in the garden and house it would take forever to do,so please just scroll through the blog to have a look.
Tomorrow is the start of a brand new year and our resolutions are..
Ditch the plastic..i was horrified when we cleaned up christmas morning just how much there was and a lot of it was unnneccessary packaging.
Be more aware of the enviroment and use eco friendly materials and cleaning products..
As a family do our bit and more for the good of the planet.
Spend a lot more time together,working,teaching and just chilling out.Definitely read more books as well..i have finished the second book in a trilogy made us cry at the end but also made us want to kow what happens next.
Watch less tv and try to avoid using phones and laptops as much as possible,they are tools to make life easier not spend the entire day on.
Cut back more on spending.Which maybe difficult as we have plans for the house,the girls have decided they need their own space ,so the smaller rooms are boing redone for them and Sam will move into the big room..hopefully we can get some bargains on wallpaper,paint and curtains for them.Then it will be seed potatoes..never ends does it?
There is probably more but i will stick to these for now..we had a family talk and decided to be more green,eat more fresh fruit and veg and grow more of our own.
Have you made any resolutions?
Do you have plans?
take care all


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