December is here..

Hello all,how are you today?
Its a bit nippy and wet but its ok..its that most magical time of the year..almost Christmas.
I love Christmas always have and always will..i love to make it as magical as possible for all the girls and my son.It must have worked as all of them are in love with Christmas and do the same for their little ones.
I have made the first of many batches of Mince Pies..these have already gone and delicious they were.
We have already started to read our Christmas books..this one is beautiful and almost made me cry.
 I have my little selection all lined up and ready to the guardian of the presents..he was a gift from my friend Lyn..he guards gifts under the tree.

 I was so excited to get my wooden advent calendar that i never checked it properly..i have 2 number 7's..Iris pointed it out..nevermind it will be a quirk.No unlucky 13 for us😉
Soon it will be time to decorate..i love doing it..this year we have 2 6ft trees and some new to us baubles with tinsel eldest girl had a new tree and baubles so we had the old ones.My little 5ft 30yr old tree is going to be retired but not thrown will be kept for emergencies.
I won't be buying cards this year..its an upside to not having many friends..a box of cards can last me 2 years.
The girls have decided they would like a surprise for gifts this year.They never ask for anything and don't do huge lists of things they have seen..only things they would like.

Our strawberry wine is doing well and should be ready to bottle soon..the apple wine didn't even get off the ground..but we will try again.
The dehumidifier on the landing sprung a major soaked the hubby spent hours looking for it and finally with a bit of hosepipe and a glue gun he fixed it.The dehumidifier is about 13 years old..and has worked really well for us but its time it was replaced..this is the 3rd time its broken after Christmas we will look for a new one.

The seed catalogues are out and we are planning our growing season...i get excited when they all start arriving..thinking of where to plant them and how many we could harvest.We try to eat as seasonal as possible..sometimes its not easy but we really try hard to stick to it.
We have had to finally buy potatoes..all our home grown ones have been eaten..thats not bad is it really considering the summer we had.I really thought the droughty weather would have affected them more but nope..i am so pleased that we had that many.
So ladies how is your December going and are you planning your growing next year?


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