Hello all,how are you today?
Wow i cannot believe how fast this year is going.
We have been busy this week building our bookcase..i will reveal all when its done..i am so proud of my husband already..making it from scratch.Its going to be huge and just what i always wanted.

We did a little Halloween thing for the girls,no going out trick or treating for us..i personally don't like it.And we didn't put any decorations up at the front of the house this year..last time i did someone stole that ruined that.

We just put up our decorations in the dining room..and placed creepy spiders all over the place..Iris loved it..Fern is getting to those years when eye rolling is the thing to do..nevermind..i survived her big sisters so i can make it through 2 more girls.
We carved the huge pumpkins  and i got a nice bowl full of seeds to roast.

 They didn't look much in daylight but when i put candles in them later they looked good.

 This one is all blurred sorry.
This is the type of weather where lovely soups and my slow cooker come in.
I made carrot soup with our latest picking of carrots..its so thick and tasty.

I always make a huge batch so we can have some fresh and then freeze the rest.It tastes good with homemade crusty cobs or bread.Its filling and satisfying.
So thats what we have been doing ..the usual schooling and making everything as good as we can for very little money and enjoying it at the same time.
What have you all been up to?


  1. Lovely decorations and the pumpkins are just what any self-respecting pumpkin should look like.

  2. We had a little Halloween celebration too. Quite similar to yours in fact and it was lovely.
    Definitively agree that its good soup weather.

  3. You have lovely decorations. The spiders are a very cute touch.

    God bless.


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