We love our allotments..

Hello all,how are you today?
Yesterday turned out to be a lovely day all round.The weather wasn't too bad and we got lots of jobs done.
We went to the allotments and weeded and hoed and whilst the girls did that me and hubby planted Onions ready for next year.

There is a fair of amount of chatting going on and then at break time they were dancing..its nice to see .
We picked the 3rd Pumpkin.beetroots,leek and carrots and a bonus some spring onions.

We got home and sorted it all out..the girls stayed out to play abit or just run around and dance like mad in the garden. My washing was dry which to me at this time of year is a true bonus.
We don't have that much left to do on the allotments now..shame as we love going..its break from the world up there..so quiet and no one bothers you.


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