Not gone,still here..

Hello all ,how are you?
I haven't gone, i am still here..just taking a break from the world.
Its actually a great thing to do.Switching off the phone and laptop ,no tv and the radio is only on if we want it.
I don't have my phone on during the day,only for an hour in the mornings and again in the evenings.Same with my laptop.
I have removed apps from my phone..the news,games and daily and hourly news updates.I never realized just how much time you lose on them or immediately pick them up to read the news was truly getting annoying and also starting to bog me i took the decision to stop.It has been good truly..the first few days were weird as if i had a minute i would check the news or quick go on the game..but those few minutes would disappear and magically turn into 30 was easy to get lost on the internet..i realized i was just doing it and not thinking about the things that i needed to get done.
Now if i get a few minutes to myself i enjoy it..the silence or just sitting and enjoying a chat with the girls with no interruptions of a phone beeping away.
Talking of enjoying the silence..we went walking last week ..

The Stags were all separated this time..the Rut is about to start and they were all just sitting alone and watching each other..i hope we get to see it..its one of the most amazing things to witness.
We took a detour from our normal route and went to the Orangery..

 This painting was set up and someone had let their child paint all over it..

 Above  and below are postcards of how the garden looked before the Brownlows sold the house to the trust..

They had a lovely little set up in the corner of the Orchids that are returning to Belton.. the paintings are exquisite and unfortunately not for sale..otherwise i would have tried to buy one..

Iris made a friend..
We also found a nest that had fallen out of a tree..

So that was our walk..we were there for about 6 hours in was a lovely day and we are going again weather permitting..i cannot help myself with the pictures..i love the place and love to share what i see with you all.
I hope that you enjoy them and see the splendour of the place.


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