Not the afternoon i had planned..

Hello all,how are you?
In my last post i showed you the pond..well its all sorted now.
The main thing is the fish are fine and the pump pipe is ok..i really thought it had snapped with the basket falling on it,thankfully it had just come out of the pipe that leads to the filters.
My husband put it back together.
So there we were in wellies with big waterproofs on cleaning out the pond,it hasn't been done for a few years so the sludge on the bottom was very pongy to the point of wanting to gag..however we soldiered on and got 2 full wheel barrows of sludge and branches and rocks? that had gotten in the pond.
The fish are opportunists and as we were dragging the bottom they were straight in to scavenge and good bits of food they could find. They were not at all bothered about us being in there with them,infact at one point they were swimming around my husbands feet as he was wading through it.
Whilst it was empty we took the opportunity to do the maintenance on was cleaned and all the pumps and filters were washed out..we trimmed the lillies and also got rid of a majority of the evil weed that swirls around everything and clogs up filters.
The netting had come lose in places so that was tightened up and the frame had moved slightly as well and that was put back in place.
All the sludge was barrowed to the corner of the garden and put on top of our wildlife will feed that part and fingers crossed breakdown quickly..the smell is awful and we were kinda glad the wind was blowing the other way.

I took the chance to do a fish count whilst i could see them all.
19 big ones
7-8 black juveniles
12 babies
8 fry
Thats not bad really seeing as we had Mr.Heron thinking our pond was an open buffet for a few days.
The fish are now doing what we call The Patrol..they swim in group up and down the edges of the pond and then back the other way..we didn't feed them last night as there was a lot of little nibbly bits they were chomping on.
Hopefully in a day or two with UV on the pond will be clear and all back to normal.
It wasn't the afternoon i had planned but it was enjoyable to a certain if fish poop is ever enjoyable,but i was working with my best mate and 2 out of 3 ain't bad.
One thing we were disappointed with was the Pond Snails we bought last year and popped in the pond..absolutely no sign whatsoever..either they died or as i think the fish ate them.I got all excited finding a snail shell...picked it up and nope it was a garden snail that had fell in and been devoured.
I certainly will not be buying any more snails just for the fish to snack on.


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