Hello all,i hope that none of you suffered any damage from the storms that we had over the last few days. I have to say that i hate the scares the living daylights out of me.
The garden faired quite well..unfortunately we did have a pot of lobelia fall down..small you might say and no problem..its what it landed on that caused the catastrophy.
Yep it landed on and broke the pipe that circulates pond water..the pipe then leaked pond water for god knows how long until i saw this..

The fish are ok and in the bit of water at the deepest end of the pond..we were thinking of emptying the pond at some point to clean it out,until we saw tiny fry and some little fish swimming around..we cannot see them when the water is being pumped out and lose a lot of them.We now have no choice and hopefully the babies are all all down the bottom end.
I seriously could not believe it when i looked out the window..panic mode hit me..i had to run out with Fern to switch off all the electrics before they blew a fuse and shorted the electric box for outside.
Its not a catastrophy on a major scale but a small one for us.It has now changed our plans for the the moment we are redecorating the living room and dining room..i know i said that i didn't plan on doing any decorating this year but the garden and allotments are all up to speed so we took our opportunity to do it...the pond and fish are more important..the living room and dining room are not going anywhere.

The greenhouse roof was replaced last week due to the wind ripping it..we bought the plastic roofing on the Thursday and the roof was on by Friday..our greenhouses are important to us and we need them.
 Its the one in the middle..
 My very smart husband made the green capping from an old drawer and then painted them with exterior green far it has worked well and we have had no leaks .



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