Busy day..

Hello all,how are you?
Yesterday was a busy day..my husband emptied the greenhouses and i got the last of the tomatoes.

All cleaned up and ready for next year..
It was an amazing day weather wise..i got all my laundry dry
In the afternoon we went to the allotments..

Look at the size of our Pumpkins..i can't believe how big they are..
 The Sweetcorn is doing well but not quite ready..
 The nets my husband made to protect our cabbages and sprots.
 The carrots are doing well despite the drought
 Look at the size of them beauties..

We all worked on it..the girls hoed and weeded one part whilst we did the others..what would have taken my husband 2 hours on his own took just under 1 hour with all of together.
 The views from the allotment are beautiful..as we live in a valley we are literally surrounded on all sides by trees..its so peaceful up there..but hot as there is no shade at all.

We came home with our harvest  and had a nice cuppa..then our new carpet arrived..we haven't replaced any carpets for about 10 years and thought it was time.
My living room looks a bit dishevelled but the walls have been painted and all the gloss work has been done..so its carpet down today.

Another nice thing yesterday was a gorgeous pudding.
 Rice pudding..just the ticket after a busy day.


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