What a whopper

Hello all,how are you?
It seems that a lot of crops are failing due to the drought..our potatoes took a hit and thanks to our son and my husband going to the allotments daily to water a majority of our food has come through. We have already had some potatoes,beetroots,beans,onions and courgettes.We have got Raspberries by the ton..these are being made into jam and Raspberry Gin.We have frozen nearly all our food and have given some away..the allotment has a big box for people to put their excess in for the food bank..i think thats a lovely idea.There is nothing like fresh fruits and veg
Yesterday my lovely chaps took up some carrots to see how they were doing..what a surprise
It was huge and the others are quite a size as well..so that was our afternoon sorting and prepping them..they smell absolutely gorgeous and no carrot fly..well not yet no doubt they will make an appearance sooner or later.
I am hoping that we have some more big ones and also some little ones..i love the whole little carrots nicely cooked with a small knob of butter on top..yummy.
So hopefully i will be making lots of carrot soup..this is an absolute favourite and is warming and filling on a chilly day.


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