The last Bank Holiday..

Hello all,how are you?
Well it was the last Bank Holiday ..the next ones are are Christmas..can you believe that.?
Where on earth has this year gone? Yes, we have been busy and doing the garden but it seems to be going so fast.
I decided to treat us and made a Homemade Cheesecake and Cinnamon Swirls

A few more months and it will be that time of the year when we can't do anything in the garden,cold,wet,windy.The greenhouses will be emptied and cleaned out,salad trough emptied and fertilized.
My husband picked the last of our Melons..these are so sweet and mine and Iris's favoutites.
Our plums are no good..i had a few pounds worth but the rest i had to leave,they were ripe on the outside but the stones inside were going mouldy and also they were green..i left them for the birds to enjoy.I did try to salvage some of them by bringing them in the house but within a day they were looking wizened and when i cut them open they were rock solid inside and literally oozing on the outside.
The apple trees are full and i did thin them out earlier this year but they are still laden down.
One tree is ready to pick,the fruit looks readythey a lovely  red and at the very top.The ladder will be deployed and a net,its the the only way we can reach them,so much for being Dwarf Fruit Trees😃.
We have no Pears at all..if we do then they are darn well camouflaged..maybe time to get a new one and see if the cross pollination might do the trick.
The branch on the Grapevine that had 3 bunches growing nicely was snapped off  by the wind ,now we only have 1 bunch that has about 8 grapes on it..nevermind they will taste all the sweeter for being the only ones to survive.
It was a  bit chilly but sunny when i went to  let the chicken out this morning.I saw a huge flock of Geese flying over doing the honking..such a lovely sight first thing ,brightens the day even more.
Have a lovely day where ever you are.


  1. Your homemade sweet treats look great.
    How lovely to have homegrown melon.
    I do not know where this year had gone either.
    Some of the shops seem to think Christmas is
    next week x

    1. Hi Fiona..this year seems to have totally whizzed past..the melons are superb,thanks to my husbands green fingers..
      Yes its sad that the shops are stocking christmas items about pressure..


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