Taking advantage of the cooler weather

Hello all..
Well the weather is much cooler thankfully..this means i can get on with doing Jams and Chutneys..also making it into the greenhouses without actually feeling like i am going to boil over..
I picked more tomatoes and some plums.
The Asters are now in full bloom..so i picked some for my table.
They maybe small but it certainly brightens up the table.We spend a lot of time in our dining room..school work,meals and discussing family plans all happen here,so i want it to look nice.
 I made Red Tomato Chutney and Plum Jam..
 The labels i printed off after finding them on Pinterest..
The chutney is absolutely delicious..like a slightly spicy version of tomato sauce..as its only me and Iris that like it i will only make a few more jars of this.If you want the recipe just say in the comments and i will pop it up for you..its one of the easiest i have done with very few ingredients.

The Plum Jam..is very tasty and this time i didn't burn it so it still tastes of Plums and is one of the better jams i have made.Next it will be Raspberry Jam.

Have you been taking advantage of the cool temperatures to get things done?


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