Love it when my mum has a clearout...

Hello all..
As my title says i love it when my mum says i am having a clearout..she does it maybe twice a year and always asks if i would like the things she doesn't use or want any more..nearly all my baking trays have come from mum and also cake tins and my cutlery.
So yesterday when she came around with an armful of goodies i was quite excited..
Here is what my mum gave me..
 A new biscuit tin and 2 tea towels
 Love this one with the Cornish Cream Tea on it..
 A Cath Kidston tea towel with matching apron..

I also recieved 4 tins of Tuna and 6 tins of Spaghetti..she had over stocked and didn't have room in her pantry for them ..they were all gratefully recieved..
Thanks mum.


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