Jams and chutneys

Hello all,how are you.
I have been busy here ..actually boiling away in the kitchen.Thought i would get a good start on my jams and chutneys early in the morning..it was ok to start but by the second batch i was sweating.
It is worth it to see them sitting on my pantry shelf.
Raspberry jams..yummy..
I made another batch of Tomato Chutney as well..apparently it improves with age but it tastes amazing right now.


  1. Its always worthwhile to make homemade.
    It is a nice feeling to see them lined up.
    Are the raspberries all from your own garden?
    Take Care x

    1. Hi Fiona..your totally right about the feeling of seeing them lined up on the Pantry shelf..so satisfying
      Yes the raspberries are from our Allotments and i still have more to come..


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