We have worked hard on our garden this year..from looking neglected, to in my eyes looking amazing..
 The border we dug out..
Is now filled in with flowers can see it in the top left..
The bush we removed
 The tiny comfrey that i planted..
 This is the view from where the hedge was
Just after we removed the hedge
 The wendy house after the move..
  The wendy house now..its been painted and had the door and windows blocked up..a new roof was put on as can just make out that my hubby removed the side panel and made a set of french doors from left over wood and plastic..
This was the absolute dump when we moved the wendy house..
This is that corner grass seed and the fences have all been repaired and painted..
Shed painted
 New sign
 Paving put down
 New chicken pen
 Permanent burning spot
 Path to the compost bins
 Newly painted gate
And we are almost done..just the wendy house to finish inside and then some gates for the driveway..we already have these just have to find a piece of metal for the middle..
So i think the garden looks amazing and it didn't cost a lot..only the paint and wood ..the rest was hardwork and planning..


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