Bathroom makeover..

Hello all.
I wanted to redecorate our bathroom this year but with the garden and school and allotments i realized i wouldn't have time.I really don't like painting in the winter months as the paint takes forever to dry properly.
So instead i just did a makeover.
I emptied it then did a deep clean from top to bottom.Which wasn't too bad..the tiles came up lovely,i used a mould remover on the ceiling ,even though we have an extractor fan the mould still comes back..we have used an anti mould paint especially for bathrooms and believe me its where near as bad as it was before.
I bought a new blind..this one actually fits all the way across the window..our old one never be fair i think we measured it wrong.
 The picture of lighthouses in the background was 99p on clearance as well..this gave me the idea for the bathroom makeover.
 This boat i bought from B&M..for 99p in the clearance.
 New shower curtain..
 I printed off pictures of light houses and beach signs..the girls then made a collage.
 New bath mat
 And a sign for 99p on the back of the door
 It looks clean and fresh and not in need of decorating now for a while.
Total cost  £30..and time and effort.


  1. It looks absolutely great and I love the theme.

    1. Thank you Joy..its like walking in to a new room..i love lighthouses and anything coastal..its a relaxing room now..not so busy with all the spots and stripes i had before.

  2. Well done, looks lovely. Great colour.

    1. Hi Shirley..i love the colour as well and can't actually find one i want to replace it with..


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