Not a cup broken..

Hello all..
Well this week i actually fell over..more like i got my foot caught in the back of a patio chair and fell..i had a tray of cups and mugs in my hands at the time so i couldn't stop myself..i went down with a thud and almost went face first into a bush and the tray went flying..hubby ran over to pick me up and check i was ok..i was, just hurt my foot and i limped a little for a few days..
We then picked up the tray and had to search through the bush for cups, saucers and mugs..found them all and not one was broken..i was relieved as i didn't fancy having to replace them.
I can remember the last time i did fall was when i was 11 and had just started the big school..i was running with my friends and tripped on a manhole and went knees were a right mess for ages..and then of course you get the big horrible scabs which you cannot resist but to pull off..thankfully this time it was only my foot that was twisted and no scabs.


  1. My goodness, I am very glad you weren't more hurt. The chine too, of course, but it could have been nasty. xx

  2. Oh goodness, Sara! You know I can identify with you! Please be careful. So glad you are okay as well as your cups and saucers and mugs. Take care. ♥


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