New/old path

Hello all..
The garden is coming on lovely and yesterday my lovely husband put down a path across the grass ,so we can get to the compost bins in the Winter without getting muddy or wet ..
It was hot sweaty work and yes it bends a little but i think that just makes it look better..the slabs were stood up against our greenhouse for we have put them to good use .
 See my chair..i sat there doing the beans..its so lovely and i was moral support lol..Iris was daddys helper for the afternoon and was running backwards and forwards with a little trowel to fill in and a brush to sweep them..she was so good.Plus she helped me if a bean happened to escape..
 The turf we took up we placed in the patch where the swing set was..looks a bit patchworky but it will grow.
 Totally beautiful reason for this other than its a beautiful basket.


  1. Slightly bendy is good - it looks lovely, as does the hanging basket.


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