Hello all,how are you?
Well last night we finally had some rain..i didn't think we were going to get any at all.
Yesterday afternoon it started to spit but honestly i could count the drops on both hands so gave up and thought it will do what it wants.
In the eveing it came down..not hard and heavy but steady and continued from half 8ish til way past my bedtime.
It was so lovely to get up this morning and see everywhere damp and looking refreshed.So much better for the garden than water from the hosepipes or watering cans..makes you wonder what is in the rain to make everything look new again.


  1. We started the day with rain. It cleared up and we had a hot sticky day.. It keeps chucking it down now but doesn't feel any cooler

  2. I'm so glad you received some well needed rain. We've had rain for the last five days and today the sun is shining brightly. This was the first rain we've had all of July. I agree about rain water being best for our gardens. Our water is treated and I don't think our plants like whatever is put in it. Have a lovely evening. ♥


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