Year of the Garden continues..

Hello all,how are you?#
Its been lovely here weather wise and also for getting things done.
Its the Year of the Garden here and its getting done..slowly but surely.
The border we dug out earlier this year is now filled with bedding and also some Fuschias,a Hebe,a Holly Bush and some lovely Hucheras..
 This trellis is old recycled trellis from when we took down the fence..we put it up for 2 reasons..1 for the peas to grab onto and 2..the fence is long and huge and looks so plain and boring..the trellis just breaks it up..

 My little salad trough is doing well..i pick the outer leaves every few days for us ..trouble is the sparrows think its open salad bar season..but they haven't touched the Lolo Rosso..thats fine as we love that and they can have the rest if they want it.

We put a new border around the edge of the pond and filled it with Dwarf Asters..

You can see the new grass which has taken nicely and is thickening up..its been cut twice now..give it a few more months and you won't be able to tell the difference.
Our experimental Peas have given us some really tasty peas so far..not many but then we have 2 plants and now i know that they will grow i will use the salad trough to grow more for us..

Its not many but they will be eaten and enjoyed..

The allotments are going really well too.
Our Strawberries are huge and sweet..i have frozen some and eaten a lot.
 The Radishes are coming thick and fast..i don't like them but hubby eats them like they are sweeties..
 These have been eaten for tea and also with yoghurt and granols for breakfasts..
So the work goes on..very little cost so far.


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