World Enviroment Day..

Its World Enviroment Day folks..lets start something good.
Ditch the plastic and go for a good strong reusable canvas bag,buy a totally reusable coffe cup if you need one..take your own drinks with you in reusable bottles,ditch the plastic straws,,use paper ones.
If my husband got his way then the Government would enforce a no plastic policy totally and fine them heavily for breaking the rules.And how can the supermarkets have the nerve to think about charging extra for putting things into cardboard trays..still i suppose they have to make money ,well a bit more money,somehow.
I can remember going to Liptons with my gran and buying fresh meats and having them wrapped in waxed paper wich was then used on her fire,also cream cheese in a little cardboard pot with paper over the top wrapped with string..yes i know showing my age .
We had little wicker baskets and string ones for fruit and veg..going to the Off License on a sunday with the old empty bottle of pop and getting a few pennies for it.Now its all plastic this and plastic that..even though you recycle it and your councils assure you its properly done and put charges on the Council Tax for come it still ends up in a  dump or abroad or worse floating in the oceans.
I find it daft that the world summit for the enviroment is being held in India..the air pollution alone for every representative to get there is astronomical..why not have the first internet summit pollution and lets face it the internet can make it possible...or is it just a free trip?
Cyncial maybe..but lets face we have all contributed to the plastic problem wether its bags,cups or toys even nappies..we have all added to the problem.
The governments should invest in making the plastic more recyclable there are things out there that can make it possible..
I have Tupperware and storage tubs for storing my food,no fridge often looks like a rainbow has exploded in there with the tubs.

My mission is to be as plastic free as single use plastic will enter my house if i can possibly help it.
What about you..are you trying to go plastic free?


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