I hardly ever complain..

Hello all, how are you?

Well like the title says i hardly ever complain..only when its really bad service or something i have bought is absolutely terrible but even then i am polite.But something inside me snapped today.
Its our refuse collection day..recycling bin.I always check its got only recyclable stuff in it, i certainly don't want a fine or a warning sticker on my bin.Along with that i had 3 bags of recycling from the shed..plastics and card plus 2 plastic tubs.All perfectly recyclable.
However they didn't take any of it and didn't even empty my bin..they emptied the others but not mine.So i rang the council and got through after a 10 minute wait ..i gave my details and explained that i was puzzled as to why it wasn't taken..the answer i got was what almost unleashed my inner Margo Ledbetter..it was human error..excuse me..human error.I could feel Margo starting ..what kind of human error would that be then?..possibly they didn't see it he said..really i said..so they saw the other bins and took them but mine was in a blind spot apparently..after much spluttering and silences he asked me to ring back this afternon to see if the men reported anything. A neighbour told me that the men didn't take hers either..they were on their phones and literally throwing bins around..now i don't know about you but this annoys me..they are at work to work not be on their phones..its a dangerous job and i am sure health and safety would be interested in their activities.Anyway back to my bins..i rang back and was fully prepared,Margo was on a thin leash..apparently nothing was wrong with my recycling and no report had been made..i asked very politely why they hadn't taken it and it went quiet on the phone...after a few moments i was told they will be out within 2 working days to collect it and they were very sorry.Margo had to be put back in her box for another day.
My husband and son were sat listening to the conversation and actually winced  when i said about a blind spot..they laughed afterwards and kinda felt sorry for the chap on the phone..i know its not his fault at all but a stupid answer deserves a put down.
I actually can't wait for them to come and collect it..i will go and ask them what happened?Hopefully its a good explanation or i can assure you my Margo will be let out.


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