How one small thing can change you..

Hello all,
Well as you know my lovely husband started a new job that starts early in the morning..which by the way is going great and he is very happy and loving it.
Now, for me the thought of getting up early was just that a thought..not actually going to do it just thinking about.Well that was then and this is now.
I am up everyday just gone 5 and i love it..i do regret not getting up early in previous years now. I see the sun come up and hear the birds singing and see what a glorious day is ahead of me.
I have nearly all my laundry done and on the line by 8 most days and even at weekends i am now finding it hard to stay in bed..i have completely changed my routine and to be honest i feel better for it.
I have some quiet time to myself before the girls get up..and i am begginning to enjoy that..i use that time to either blog or do a shopping list or check up on blogs i read..its amazing.
The garden is checked over and the chicken is let out and sorted early,the dog is sorted and any little jobs or craft things i want to do are done early..i feel not one bit tired and look forward to my alone time.
Now i am no longer a night owl and i am in bed just before 10 and i am actually tired..the good tired not the kind of tired you get from doing nothing or being bored but physically tired.
Just one small change and my life is completely transformed.
How about you ladies..anyone changed their routine and felt better for it.


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