What a corker..

Hello all,how are you?
What a beautiful weekend..i hope you all enjoyed the sunshine.
Apparently the weather is going to stay nice but not as hot.
We have been busy as well as taking time out to relax and have a BBQ..

The littlest room in the house got a mini makeover..my lovely husband painted it and i added the fancy bits..the picture frames got a coat of black paint and i printed off the quotes.

 We were busy in the garden and potting on plants..
 The greenhouse is now full of small bedding plants

 The courgettes got potted on..
 Our new border got dug over and my little Hebe was planted..looks a little tiny and lonely at the moment but it will soon grow..i have a little foxglove to go in as well.

 Our Apple trees are full of blossoms..smells absolutely gorgeous.
 The Pear tree is full of little pears..unfortunately it does this every year but they fall off with a small frost..such a shame as we love pears..

 Our resident frogs have been singing to us ..its lovely to sit and listen to them..we have about 6-7..very hard to spot at times but it got these 2.

 The fish were sunbathing and doing the "wimaway"..which consists of them all doing a convoy up and down the pond with some frantic activity in the bottom corner..our little baby fish have now become teenagers..these are black and then develop their own colours and markings as they mature.
 My clever husband put up his hose..its not one that should hang on the wall..but he drilled holes and and remove the carry handle..now its up there out the way.

Our Grape has buds that are opening..i hope we get some more grapes this year..last years were small but sweet.

So all in all a nice weekend..catching up with all the little jobs and none of them cost anything.

How was your weekend?


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