Quietly growing..

Hello all,how are you?
The weather has been a real mixed bag just lately or am i stating the obvious..
But at least its all calm and warm in the greenhouses..no bitter wind and no stinging raindrops that are that big if they hit you in the eye it feels like a brick..so all cosy and safe and quietly doing what they do.
 We have started to dig out the new borders in the garden.this one is going to have a new Hebe and some shrubs..
 These bricks are going to be taken up and put elsewhere..the ground underneath is going to be fed and then a packet of wildflower seeds is going to be sprinkled.
 In the green house all is well..we had one loss..a little tomato plant that didn't make it

 Sprouts getting ready to be planted
 The Hebe and a Comfrey plant

 We dig out a new border at the front..our hedge is going great and we are hoping it will get to about 6ft..blocking out the cars that park outside the front..

 Mt Japanese Maple is going to have a little circle dug out around it..i am going to put some little heathers in it.
 We had a visitor for the morning..Ella watched the girls do school work ..then played nicely until her mummy came to pick her up..didn't even notice her mum had gone we kept her that busy.
 So all is quiet here..and now the wetaher is turning for the better fingers crossed we can get on a nit more with the garden.


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