Love a bargain..

Well this week has been really good for us..its been busy and we have been all over the place..opticians,doctors,chemists and back to the opticians.I don't mind being busy but it all seemed to come at once..was glad of a day at home and not going anywhere.
On one of our trips to town we had some time to wait before our appointment to collect new glasses for Iris so we popped into Wilko's..i must say these days i am a little disappointed with Wilkos..its layout keeps changing and the prices are going up and they don't have the range of goods they used too..i understand most of it its online now..they do have the biggest range of sweets i have ever seen..not sure thats a good thing though.
I was just looking and actually killing time when i did spot a bargain..

50p..its worth that for the pot alone..and i love parsley..
So what bargains have you all found whilst killing time.


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