Busy day..

Hello all,how are you?
Its been a busy week here..the allotments have been dug over and weeded and seeds planted.
School has gone well and we have completed our study unit on Vikings..next its the Tudors.
I have sold a few items on Ebay and also i bought some little bits as well..some have arrived and been returned and others were brilliant.
I bought myself some new bras and had to return them as i accidentally ordered the wrong size..the seller was great and agreed to me returning them as i had not ven tried them on. I will wait for my refund to buy some more.

The garden is taking shape..we have took out the bricks from under the fruit trees and put soil from other beds in to top it up..i have spread twigs over the top of it to stop the cats..might work might not.
We have trimmed the ivy on the inside of the garden and next week we will trim the outside.Its amazing how much light just a small trim can let in..thing is you don't realize that the light is being blocked off as it happens slowly.
We finally did the flower bed at the front..remember the cat pooped on the flowers..well its gone now..no more flowers or even dirt(we put that on the bed under the fruit trees)..black sheeting has been put down and pegged,now i just need some slate and it will be finished.I will put shrubs in pots to make it look nice.I trimmed the dead branches from the Maple at the front and we bought some outdoor black gloss for pipes and gates..the hinges are on the way for those..we were given a set of three huge iron gates..one is for the back as our wooden one is falling to pieces and the others will replace the set at the front..they need some attention but for free they are brilliant.
take care


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