Book review

Hello all..
As you know this house loves books..learning to read and love what your reading is a gift..many people don't read and can't see the point in it but heyho everyone is different.
I am always on the look out for new authors and books at nice prices..the library is great and we use it all the time but now and again you come across a new author and the library doesn't have any copies of their books or if they do they are out on loan and it will be months before you get it.
This was the case last month..i found a book and thought it sounded good..i was wrong it was bloody amazing and to be honest none of us could wait months for the next book ,so i bought the pair from Ebay..we could hardly wait for it to arrive.
Kieran a brilliant author and to be honest i enjoyed the books as much as the girls did..i will never look at a rabbit the same way again..the long burrows,clan chieftains,gorm warriors..its incredible and transports you to a world of no humans and only rabbits..seems ridiculous to rave about a book of rabbit warriors but believe me its one of the better books i have read to the girls.

The legend of Podkin One Ear sets the scene of the Gorm warriors invading the Munbury Warren and how Podkin,Paz and Pook escape..they are the chieftains children and Podkin being the eldest is supposed to be chief some day but he is spoilt,lazy and can't read..suddenly alone he realizes that he was an awful child and now has to fight and defend his sister and brother..he also has to protect Starclaw the Bronze dagger..each warren has a special gift given to them from the goddesses..honestly folks get a copy from the library or buy one..the littles will love it.
The illustrations in each book are awesome..they give you a true idea of what the author is saying and once you have seen them you can always picture the story..and feel it too..maybe just me but i love that about reading..getting lost in the world of Podkin is so good.

The gift of Dark just as good..the story continues and its getting better..we are only half way through and can't wait for the next chapter.
We have just found out that the last book in the series is coming out in that is going on my wantie list..


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